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I’d like to take this opportunity to make this into a Thor appreciation post. Why? Because he deserves it.

He might not be the smartest of the gods, or the strongest. He might be a bit egotistical and quick-tempered. He might be idealistic to the point of being blind to others’ faults. But guess what? That doesn’t make him dim-witted or oafish or ignorant. It doesn’t make him a brute.

Thor is an incredibly capable warrior as well as a battlefield tactician. When he or his comrades are faced with a seemingly-invincible foe, he will often charge right into the heat of battle in order to surmount the obstacle in their path. He lives for the rush of a good fight. That’s who he is. God of thunder, lord of the savage lightning. Everything about him screams warrior and physical prowess.

And yet, in spite of all that, he is also an extraordinarily gentle creature. He loves his family (Loki included) above all else, and those he considers friends (the Warriors Three, Sif, the Avengers, etc.) are people he would willingly give his life to protect. When confronted with mortal opponents, he barely uses a fraction of his full strength because he doesn’t want to kill them. Despite his inherent nature as a warrior, violence for violence’s sake does not appeal to him. He’d rather solve something peacefully than with fisticuffs, unless there’s no feasible alternative.

As a whole, we’ve got an incredibly selfless and noble warrior who is more worthy to wield that hammer than anyone you will ever meet. No, he’s not perfect. He’s got his fair share of faults, but he doesn’t let those define him. He uses his strengths and makes the best of everything he has.


Taking a break from my regularly scheduled Loki love to say amen to all of the above. One of my favorite scenes in the Avengers (that Loki wasn’t in) is when Fury’s asking Thor to torture info out of Loki and Thor says “but he’s a prisoner.” The thought of torturing a prisoner is completely against everything he believes, so much that he can’t conceive of even being asked to do that. Yay Thor. Wish more people were like you.

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“Yo, Thor! What up, bitch? Avengers better be good motherfucka.”

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Just try and tell me that’s not the sexiest man chuckle you’ve ever heard. 

BA-BAM! Look at those arms!

BA-BAM! Look at those arms!

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